Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A strange sort of week

Since my lovely meet up last week with the girls (west Wales bloggers) , I have nearly had daily headaches.  Apparently I am not alone, there appears to be a virus 'thing' doing it's rounds around here.  Headaches , blurred vision, tiredness, feeling sick and just generally feeling "rough" .  Due to this I have done very little and with the first fair this week I need to get a move on because now I am rather behind .  I also have new "reading" glasses and the new prescription is taking some getting used to, again with these headaches lingering , my eyes are taking time to adjust ,so not much of anything crafty being done.  I am also behind with posting some bits too and hope tomorrow to have a day to catch up. Having said that I have been quite productive this afternoon and the front porch is now full of goodies for Saturday so not all bad.

On Saturday , Little Miss and I met a friend for coffee, it was cold, and the wind howling at New Quay

Very stormy weather. 

Yesterday the first frosts arrived.
Our village local pub arranged a  Christmas shopping trip
to Llanelli .

I felt fine going (not so great coming home, another headache!!)
The frost was so thick in places going.  , 
but it was bright and looked so like a Christmas
scene you see on a card.
It was nice not to drive and be able
To admire the scenery. 

It was really busy considering it was a Monday 
but I enjoyed the trip.
I really felt myself getting into the Christmas mood.
All the rest of the Christmas gifts
have now been bought. 
Now just to wrap them when little ones
are at school.

I also couldn't resist 
a few "extras" 
for the fireplace.
Once I give the fireplace a big dust , put the Autumn stuff away 
I can put the new stuff out
all sparkles .... 

The bits I wanted for swaps have also been 
After the fair this weekend 
I intend to get the swaps wrapped and sent off by 
5th December ish!!! 
hopefully before.

I always find this time , the end of November rushes by for me. 

DH and I are celebrating a "big" wedding anniversary in  
Little Miss also has a December birthday
and like Little Man on his birthday, does not want a party,
but she does want to go out 
"Somewhere" for lunch. 
So for us December is always a busy happy 

Feeling rough I have dropped out of Little Man's fair which is
this Thursday.

Instead I have put a box of stuff together.  for the school 
to sell or raffle .
I know my limitations
and know  I am not up to 2 big fairs in 3 days.

I took some pictures  re the swap I mentioned last time
but it is so dark and gloomy 
here they haven't 
Turned out well or show any detail
So I will try again for next time.

Little Miss has just got in from school
and dragging me off for more crafting
she is so funny at times!!

"Come on Mum, no time for coffee , time to work!" 
On such a wet , windy evening 
it seems the perfect past time .
Steak, kidney, stew with dumplings simmering 
in the Rayburn....
Smells really yummy

See you soon


  1. sorry to hear you havent been well, I hope you feel better in time for your craft fair and it goes well for you :-)

    1. Thanks Dawn, thankful the fair is this week and not dreadful here hope it's a bit drier Saturday.xx

  2. Sending good wishes to you. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thank you Gracie, feeling so much better than last week.xx

  3. Sending you a smile hoping you feel better soon :)

  4. hope you soon feel better .. if you are not up to the fairs ... say NO.. your health is much more important x WATCH the postman and maybe there will be "something" to bring a smile to your face ... NO opening or peeking until 25th December though xxx

  5. Sorry to hear you are still feeling poorly. Hope you feel better soon. XXXXX

  6. Hope you feel a lot better fast! There should be a letter arriving in your box any day now - that will go towards feeling a bit cherrier I hope.

  7. I'm sorry to hear you've been unwell I hope you are much better now. New specs are a blinking pain to get used to aren't they & such a lovely gesture on your part to supply bits & bobs to sell after you couldn't make the craft fair. Take care xx

    1. The specs feel better at last..a hour here and there. I didn't want to let the school down at all so hope they can use or raffle the stuff I sent in....every little helps I guess...xxxx

  8. Hugs,

    New glasses ugh akin to new shoes both cause problem for me. R you drinking enough water. When I get a stinker I always drink plenty of water - nothing in it. Hope the fair goes well. Pattypan x

    1. Thank you. New specs and headaches are not a marriage in heaven that's for sure!! Feeling much better at last. Xxx

  9. I have new glasses too and felt so tired and having headache... didn't realize it could have been a virus.... Hope you're feeling better!