Sunday, 14 February 2016

"Love me for a reason" -a finish-

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Well a much delayed cross stitch finish ..I know it has been a while.   I bet many of you remember The Osmond's (yes I you cringe when you hear them mentioned...I do because I loved Donny, but then I was only a youngster that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!!)  the song "Love me for a reason" and some time later Boyzone's version ... have always been a song I have loved.

Well a few years ago as it was one of my little girl's favourite song I thought " I know I'll stitch those lyrics" .  well using a wonky alphabet and drawing a freehand heart I set about making a cross stitch.
Then with the major upheaval a big house move from Kent to West Wales involves it got packed away and forgotten about.  Last week I found it again and it only had half the heart to finish...what a shame not to finish I thought and the last few evenings i carried on with it and I finished it.

These fat eighths were purchased at Cross Patch when I met up with the blogging West Wales girls and I think they will go really nice with it.

My plan is to make a patchwork cushion .

Now to the very important business of young love !!!!
Who is Jessica ?

I thought as it is the day of "love"  I would share this with you, hope you like a giggle.
Last week  Little Miss came home full of giggles and smiles. Lovely.  I asked her how school went
and her reply so made me laugh "well I'm going to get married!" She said

"Oh and when did you decide this then?" Me
"I like Henry and I want to be Mrs *+*+*+$¥" she replied

"Well I don't remember Henry asking Daddy if he could marry you" I teased her
"Oh" was her reply"oh does Daddy have to say yes?"  By this time I was finding it hard to hide my amusement

"Yes he does need to ask Daddy and where do you and Henry plan to live ?" I asked
"In the annex but you will need to move your stuff!!" Oh the fun of it
"Well I think your brother has already decided he is going to live in the annex, so where are you going live?"

"He will have to live with you, I'm not moving out!" She declared "I'm the big sister" well that settles
it I thought laughing to myself, nothing like a 12 year old putting one in one's place!!!! I have no idea where she gets that bossiness from ha ha, but I'm sure DH has a idea!!'

Thankfully she has just turned 12 so I have a bit of breathing space for when/if that day ever happens
and looking at the amount of "stuff" in the annex I probably need all those years to empty it anyway!

Then .......

This reminded me of a similar conversation I had with Little Man a few weeks ago, as you know
Little Man speaks very little to us so this was a big glimpse for us into his world and thoughts.
This is what happened...

whilst getting him ready for bed (he still needs help in normal things like
washing, teeth brushing, dressing etc etc) a few weeks ago, well out of the blue he said

"When we have our own house we will have huskies , lots of them" well my ears are so fine tuned to
listen closely to when he speaks..I look for clues , for snippets of his life when he shows it.So when he said  "us" I asked who was "us" and so a beautiful part of my sweet boy emerged...oh I was so is how our mother and son chat went..

Me "who is us?"
Him "me and Jessica". Wow ..never mentioned her before..I was so happy and excited !!!!

Me " is she a new girl in your class?"
Him"no".  Not put off  and  trying to hide the excitement of him sharing with me  in my voice ,I
" is she in your school?"
Him "no ! she is in big school" well big school is the mainstream school next door to little man's unit,
he attends there for some lessons, like English and Maths.

Me "what is she like?"

Well he looked shy and embarrassed ..I had never ever seen that heart leapt!!
"Is she lovely?" I asked , his reply...

"Yes , she is very pretty and has blue eyes...we are are going to get married, we are going to have a
boy called "Dave " and a girl called "Sarah " if we like them we may have more !!!and 3 huskies".  My heart was so ...I cannot describe it ....
I didn,t know whether to laugh or cry...sharing many autistic kids don't share, they just don't
have the need or desires to do so ...
and when my kids open up and share and it is roses and champagne they just say it as it is ,..... this is always.  a big thing for me, and usually a funny one.

And so I asked Little Man    "Tell me some more  , what is Jessica is like ?"
She , Jessica,  is apparently kind , has white hair, blue eyes and they are going to live in the "little
house" (our annex) because I will need to cook tea because Jessica is too little to cook!!! And clean too apparently as she is too pretty to clean and they will be busy!!!

Oh his face when he spoke of this little lady..he is truly smitten!!!! I went to sleep that night a happy
Little soul.. My little man is "dreaming " in his own world, thinking of "Jessica , Dave. and Sarah"
and the huskies of course.....Little Miss dreaming of being married to "Henry".  (I hope he grows a bit taller though , she already towers over him !!!!" How and where did all this lovey Dovey stuff come from ? Wherever it came from it was lovely , Cupid has definitely flown into our "nest" and I am liking it lots....

This week in between finishing and sending off  Tracy's (Mad about bags) Valentine Swap to the lady herself , we have (daughter and I) been machining more random patchwork has been
excellent practice for her to get used to her and my machine .... I cannot tell you how happy those times have been... We have chosen fabrics and threads and chatted away , she has chosen die cutters to use and just been such a honey.

This morning blue skies oh so beautiful , I was wondering about outside and you know the expression "BEHIND YOU".

I turned around 

Big smiles ( me that is!!)

They are back in the next field 
the electric fence removed
and only maybe 6 feet away.

Snowflake is the white girl in the middle
She is the latest arrival....



I could almost touch them 
I wouldn't of course
but having them so near again 
is incredible 
another reason for choosing our home.

They moo and watch us with such interest 
I was so pleased I had the camera to hand 
for a change.

Then .. 


Then looking for something else 
I found this in the pantry 
and these too 

knocked up a quick sponge...

filled it with above

A Jaffa cake sort of sponge.
I use milk chocolate because we prefer it
but of course you could use plain chocolate..

I used to make this more often

it was too.


  1. Awww, such lovely conversations with your children. The cross stitch is fabulous, perfect for Valentine's Day.

    1. Thank you....the kids do make me smile so black and white! So pleased anoth WIP finished.xx

  2. What a delightful post Maria. Your happiness with your children just bubbles over and thank you for sharing their hopes for the future. Bless them. Mind you, when I was 8 I was certain I was going to marry Cookie Night and it never did work out . . .

    What a pretty x-stitch centre for your cushion - love those fabrics and remember you buying them. Jaffa Cake sponge? O. M. G. . . . Take it away - tempation!

    1. Thank you sweetheart, they never cease to surprise me one way or another..little rascals xxx so pleased at least one project finished , well nearly when I make the cushion that is!!!Blue skies for four days

  3. Oh my, how sweet. Bless their hearts. Cake looks delicious. How neat to be able to observe the cows so close at hand. Great cross stitch.

    1. Thank you Maureen..they are little sweethearts. The cake didn't last long. I love cows and they are so nosey it makes me laugh, many a time I have been getting stuff from the car and one his it's head on that

  4. Oh my. Maria I had the Donnie and Marie dolls. Donnie had a purple and white suit. ;)
    I truly enjoyed reading of your converstions. I am happy for them.♥

    1. Purple and white ..oh lovely ..ha you've got me rembering "paper roses" My kiddies do make me laugh and to know they have dreams too is lovely.

  5. Hello Maria,

    Some lovely memories you have shared. Love the cow photo's. Have a fun week sewing with your daughter.

    Happy days.

    1. Thank you Bev she is taking practising very seriously!!! I love the cows they are so nosey and this new lot seem nosier than ever.

  6. sounds like Valentines Day was well and truly celebrated in your neck of the woods x So lovely that the children are sharing their thoughts with you xx

  7. Oh lovely sweet conversations with your children. My youngest son has always planned to have two children - Johnny & Emma. We shall see if it comes true in about 20 years!! xx

    1. It is lovely when this snippets like this happen .....I'm still getting over the bit that pretty girls don't do cleaning, there you go , I know my place in

  8. Congrats on your lovely cross stitch finish :)

    1. At least one down Ingrid, still too many to go! Xx

  9. Your cross stitch is of course absolutely beautiful and will be a wonderful cushion which I look forward to seeing!!! The stories about your two childrens beloveds made my heart sing though, how wonderful and kind and loving and just all round good!!! Not sure how they are all going to fit in the annexe with all of your craft things though! Oh, and how you are going to have time to cook and clean for them all! Happy valentines for yesterday and today! xx

    1. Thank you Amy. I think I would need a shoe horn to squeeze them all in, just think of the washing etc etc !!!! One WIP down , too many still to catch up on but at least I am never bored.xx

  10. The project is turning out well...the colors you have selected are perfect.

    Oh I do love dialogue. Fun conversations you have recorded. It is interesting to know what they are thinking about. Happy things it sounds like. Two grands on the horizon and more if they "like them." Ha!

    1. They do amaze me considering neither started to talk until they were nearly 6 plus!!! They obviously do have plans and dreams and that make us very

  11. The fat quarters look perfect for your finished cross stitch and a patchwork cushion will look amazing. Treasure those memories of their first ideals of love, so sweet and innocent and full of wonder. Tomas had a little friend at pre-school whom he did marry in a ceremony one day on a play date, I think we have video evidence of it and will surely show him when he is older xx

    1. Thank you Tracy. I need to get the iron out and also find some similar fabric too in my stash as this is going to be a rather long cushion and will probably need it's own inner too. Dear Tomas....does he know...ha ha...sounds like a lovely 18th birthday

  12. What a delightful post. I loved you sharing your conversations with your children. I'm happy it made you so happy. Lovely stitching - and I can hardly wait to see some of your daughter's sewing handiwork.

    1. Dear Kim , thank you. She is busy but keeps hiding her bits away, I think she is very shy about her achievements and can't believe she is actually making, bless her. Xx