Friday, 12 February 2016

Crafting together

Little Miss' sewing machine arrived as promised .  The company I used have been excellent when I bought both my and Little Miss' machines and both times we got great freebies too.


Well sweetheart arrived home and I cannot tell you in words just how happy she was and kept hugging and kissing us until we yelled "stop!!" giggling of course.  She asked "why did you do this for me?", the simple reply "because we love you sweetheart" and for a second I thought she was going to cry.  Anyway we set about setting the machine up and it was easy and soon she was sewing away.  Her first project a pin cushion is coming along.

The freebies were a large packet of sewing scissors
and 50 large spoils of thread
I was very impressed .
I am quite happy for her to use my
machine too as it has some
fancy stitches
which her's doesn't and she 
seems very safe using both.

Well Imogen was a brat!  Two nights little sleep, yesterday I even had a mid morning nap on the settee I was so tired. Thankfully a check this morning and all appears fine on the house and goodness she blew her worst at us.  Walking to and from the taxis , the only venturing
out I did Tuesday  , we were blown a bit I can tell you.   This long long winter is so gloomy , even the
odd daffodil or snowdrop still isn't doing it for me.  Dexter speeds out the door when he can't hold it
any longer and nips back in record time and leaps and I mean leaps back into his warm bed next to
the Rayburn!!!!  So to cheer myself up , I made some more random scrappy squares of fabric.  I am
getting quite addicted....I had bags of all sort of scraps, not big enough to make even into the squares
for the postage stamp quilting ( the small ones I posted a few weeks ago)  and then I had a "light bulb moment " and now I happily machine away these little scraps and end up with large squares of randomness.  I printed out some templates and dug out the dies I wanted and cut out these applique shapes.  All are destined for Spring projects as I am fed up with winter and want to look ahead to
brighter, lighter and Spring things.   I have very little Sping material things so thought some felties , cushions , even a garland might be nice .  The scraps are all machined onto a cheap scrap of  light cream fabric I had hanging about.  This helps to give the fabric scraps some thickness and strength which helps especially when using thinner dies.

Well here are the templates and dies I used and the appliqués shapes I made.

I found some bunny colouring pages free
on the Internet 
cut them out for the templates.
When I nipped into Aberaeron library last
week I used the photocopier and 
enlarged the templates 
on the photocopier by 200% 
which just cost 60p 
for 4 different shapes.


Huge bunny

I will use double sided fusible interfacing  to adhere the appliqués to the fabric or felt and then blanket stitch to secure the small ones but the larger one I will machine.

Here as promised ages ago are the yo yo makers and makes...we have been making these curled up more evening...they are quite addictive too, we have covered some buttons to add to the yo yos later.

And some of the charms that are for the gentlework and crazy quilt projects which I hope will Little Miss will enjoy and also help  improve her hand sewing which she loves to do but finds tricky at times.

The high winds kept the birds away from the feeders but now they are back  and feeders restocked   for them.  Another molehill overnight too.   The marshmallow suggestion was because they apparently don't like the smell??? How anyone would ever think of trying that idea is beyond me ..ha ha.. it came from one of the farmers too..hey ho , I'm told the dug up soil is great to reuse in pots etc, when I can walk on the lawn again I shall use it for that.

Wednesday we took pupster down to the beach at New Quay..a full day here without rain...can't remember when that last  happened but it has returned again on Thursday .

a fishing boat heading out

View from the top road at New Quay.

Yesterday  after some carpet cleaning 
I made a start on the dresser. All the China has been hand washed 
and that alone took ages.
It is starting to look nice and I 
hope over the next few days to finish it off .
The start of spring cleaning ...
has cheered me up ..seeing
Lots of nice bright colours reappearing.. 
Spring ornaments, fresh bright cushions
have replaced the Winter ones.
I even saw three newborn lambs when I had to go 
out yesterday... to me it seemed 
early as I remember most arriving late
February and then March 
last year.

Next week is half term..
I am ready for a few duvet days.
The children seem really tired 
after this term,
more so than usual.
We have a few days with plans
but mostly to just 
"Go with the flow"
as the mood takes us.


  1. Lovely, no, awesome new toy! Happy sewing!!
    I really love spring too... The lambs bouncing in the fields, the hundreds of daffodils that pop up everywhere and just knowing that lighter and possibly warmer days are on the way!
    Go with the flow is a great way to go!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Smiles :)

    1. You too honey, love weekends . Spring still struggling to arrive here , I just telling myself it won't be long! Xx

  2. Great job on the machine, I bet she will still be fizzing in a weeks time. I well remember my first machine, I had to be forcibly parted from it at bed time.
    I have a box full of the free kits from various mags (and the mags with full destructions) if they would be of use to the new sewing sister.

    1. She is the same, she is besotted. That would be so kind of you and I am sure she would love the kits..thank you. We must arrange a meet up soon .xx

  3. What a great time with the machine, how fab! love the bunny rabbits and hope you have a nice half term, my pickle seems more tired this termxxx

    1. It has seemed a long winter term , so gloomy here with the weather , lots of lay ins and chilling out is the plan and a few windy walks in between. Daughter is loving her machine and mine..happy days.xx

  4. Aww, I am so happy to read of Little Miss' joy.
    Nice pictures. Have any of the little lambs?

    1. She is very happy , I'm told one farm is starting lambing this weekend near us..such busy times.xx

  5. So glad you did get Little Miss a sewing machine. Great to get her started young and having her own machine.

    1. That's what we thought...why wait she is such a good little girl and now we have half term she can create to her heart's content.xx

  6. Hello Maria,

    That is a good machine, your daughter will be making her own outfits soon. Love the rabbits etc you cut out, can't wait to see what you do with them. Lots of lovely things going on at your home, hope you get some nicer weather soon.

    Happy days.

    1. Thank you Bev, we are having fun , so many ideas not enough time to play though!!!! I just would like blue skies that last longer than a hour. Xx

  7. Oh gosh, I bet she had to be scraped off the ceiling, she was so excited! She is obviously her mother's daughter and delights in making things. I have happy memories of New Quay. Like you, I am totally fed up with this winter, which does seem to be going on forever.

    1. I am having to keep to a strict curfew as she loves it so and obviously sleepy heads don't concentrate very well. I just want bright days again and a few more rain free days would be nice too. Xxx

  8. So excited for your daughter and her new sewing adventures!! Wonderful! Hope that you both enjoy it a lot. I love your scrappy appliques!! Happy Valentines! xx

  9. I know you will have loads of fun sewing together! Love the rabbits too.

    1. We are both like schoolgirls!!! The bunnies are breeding !!!!!

  10. Oh that's so lovely, I'm sure you will have lots of fun sewing together side by side. x

    1. Thank you Jo, simple pleasures with her , side by side.

  11. how wonderful to get not only the machine .. but some freebies to start her off with her own tools xx I don't blame you .. or Dexter for staying inside!! Stay safe x

    1. Money well spent I thought..I didn't want her to loose confidence with a machine that had constant glitches..she is is addicted xxx

  12. Oh a new toy! Isn't it lovely when a surprise is so gratefully received. I am like you and starting the spring clean this week and adding colour and clutter everywhere. Real nesting! Take care xx

    1. Love nesting.xxxx so pleased to see you are much better honey reading your recent post xx

  13. Hi Maria

    What a wonderful thoughtful present and a proper machine too. Does she have any Barbie or Sindy dolls as there are quite a few free patterns on Pinterest that might keep her out of mischief and help her create as she gets more used to things. Its a lovely thing you are teaching your daughter I wish more mothers did. Mine taught me the basics with needlework and cooking and then let me have free rein. Helps to bond you well too. This winter has been terribly long - not enough of the sun this year it seems to have been affecting everybody. My cats are not keen on being out long either straight out and then screeching at the back door to be let in. Looks as though you have lots of lovely projects in hand. Take care and look forward to seeing your items in due course.

    Tricia (aka Pattypan) xx

    1. Dear Tricia , thank you so much. My mum was always so busy we never had "time" together and I know my little girl so loves the time we share. She never has been into dolls sadly but she is not short of ideas I can tell you !!! Beautiful blue skies today have re charged me...I hope they are here to stay. Maria xxx