Friday, 1 January 2016

and so in rolls a New Year..

Happy New Year everyone.  I confess we did stay up to see it in......I can't remember the last year we did to be honest and now I know why ..... Late nights do not suit me especially when pupster woke me at 4am howling like a puppy, I think the wind frightened him and there I was at 4am giving him a cuddle until he was ok to settle again.

Well it has been windy here ,quite scary so I don't blame anyone being afraid.  Little Man has been so frightened so he has been in with me but even then he hasn't slept well, so a nice duvet and pillow has been left on the settee so he can nod off if he wants during the day.

Before storm Frank arrived we did at last get a hour on the beach at Aberporth on Tuesday, by golly it was chilly..Dextie loved it and went into what must of been freezing water...made me shudder to watch.

This is my Christmas Cracker swap from Debi from Busy Little Chickens blog.  The swap was organised by Tracy from Mad about bags blog.  Debi and I chatted over the Internet and this is what she sent me...

I so love Angels 

Beautiful wrapped 
(Funnily I used a similar fabric)

Fabric and cross stitch

Decorations and bookmarks

Another angel and pegs 

Handmade keyring

chocolate and handmade earring

I do not know how Debi fitted all this in the cracker

and then a extra something
a hand covered notebook
With a big spring of Lavender 

Thank you Debi I love it all.xx

Now in my haste to see how many thinks I could fit 
in a kitchen roll I forgot to take pictures!!

You will have to pop over to Debi's to see what 
I sent

Thanks to TRACY for arranging 
such a fun swap.

I am not sure if I mentioned  I was
hoping to join the very local WI 
in the next village.
This morning I received a call inviting me
to the first meeting of the year 
on Monday.
I am really looking forward to it
and will let you know
how it goes.

A really nice start to the New Year ..
Husband's  reply when I told him was
"Oh goody CAKE!!"

On that note
Wishing you all the best year ever.


  1. A wonderful swap... Happy New Year....

  2. Have fun at your first WI meeting. What a lovely idea for a swap. Lovely gifts xxx Happy New Year Leah xxx

  3. Wishing you all a wonderful 2016, I am hoping to get involved with the local WI this year too :-)

  4. A lovely swap. Happy New Year!

  5. Fantastic presents! I agree with your husband. I love cake! ;)

  6. Happy New Year Maria. Enjoy your first WI meeting. I am sure you will love it. What thoughtful swop items. Plenty to keep you happy with all those.

  7. What great swap gifts. Have fun at the WI meeting.

  8. The WI - used to be Secretary for the WI in one of the local villages for about 5 years. My Nan instigated a branch in the village she lived in during the war years. It can be a lot of fun and being with like minded people always helps. Here's wishing you a fantastic 2016 love and light Pattypan x

  9. Such lovely things! Amazing what you can fit into a cracker isn't it. Happy New Year! xx

  10. Hello Maria,

    Happy New Year to you and your family. Such a great range of gifts were able to be fitted into the cracker. Enjoy your WI gathering.

    Happy days.

  11. Happy New Year. Enjoy the WI. We have a public holiday here on Monday. Many things close down for several weeks over Christmas and lots of people won't go back to work till the 11th or so either. NZ tends to shut down for weeks!

  12. A great swap, I keep meaning to take part in the cracker swap I certainly hope too later on this year. Hope 2016 is all you want it to be x x

  13. what lovely gifts x well done x

  14. What lovely gifts. Enjoy the WI. Have a great 2016 xxx

  15. That's a lot to pack into a cracker! The contents are fantastic. Have a wonderful 2016 xx

  16. What a fabulous swap and lovely gifts. Happy New Year to you...Thank you for your lovely comment about Stella...XX

  17. It' is amazing what you can squeeze into to a kitchen roll, I'm so glad you enjoyed the swap. Your hubby sounds the same as mine when I joined the WI in October, first thing he wanted me to ask for was the Victoria sponge recipe! Apparently the WI is foolproof but we shall see!