Monday, 30 May 2016

Catching up

Goodness me the last two weeks have been busy and I have been quite productive.

Today in the UK it is a Monday Bank Holiday .  Yesterday was a hot lovely day and upon rising this morning it looks like today too is looking that way.  Me and my girl are out later this morning there is a garden fair in Aberaeron and I so need some plants!   I feel very excitied.   Chris has begun digging out a new border and I have been planting a kitchen garden .  We have a small patio/courtyard outside the kitchen and dining room and it there I have decided to plant my veg etc.  In just a week it is well, taking shape.  I have purchased a few more 70 litre tubs and am now in the process of planting out.  More of that for next time.

In the meantime I have been it seems forever been on the computer , doing loads of paper work and attending appointments and meetings.  All boring stuff to do with school, hospital and dentists and also sorting out job descriptions and contracts for our girls who do respite for the children.  So it is important stuff and more importantly it all have to be accurate and legal!  The gardening has been a escape and a chance in between everything else , a chance to just loose myself .  DH even seems a little impressed.  He even likes the extending flower bed and gardening does not impress him at all!   He does however adore roses ..... And I might see if a few can "appear" in time for Father's Day later in the month.  

I have decluttered the dining room and sewing stuff has been put back into the annex.  I have though spent time sewing too and a few goodies too have been purchased....

More handmade labels

A mountain of small hexies,
A teapot sewing pin, (more beads and charms are on their way
to make more of these lovelies.)
Some patchwork squares cut out for another 
tiny project,
and the scrappy, quilted fabric I made
has been used to make 
scissor keeps, brooches and keyrings.

A bunny cushion

Yummy colour buttons
and matching 
dolly pegs
I could not resist these !! 

More yummy buttons
flowers ,stars, hexie

This fabric is 
of smaller panels
of these cute little girls
This reminds me so much of my
little girl but 
sadly the times of tying ribbons in 
ponytails in her hair 
have now passed me by.

A new doe and her fawn 
joined our little collection 

A old iron

These two were 50p each
and perfect! 

And I have even given 
the sewing machines a clean
And new needles.

I am ashamed to say 
came out of mine!!!!!

How often do you clean out your 

Sadly the calfs and their mothers have been 
moved to fields
that I can't access due to hedges...
this is the best I could get before they were moved

I'll leave you with this 


  1. hope the weather contuse to be sunny .. same here in Cheshire at the moment xx You just need to walk away from the computer sometimes .. and the garden seems the perfect place to go xx

  2. You are certainly blessed with a wonderful view. Unfortunately it is raining here today, so the planned gardening is now on the back shelf again. Love the buttons, both lots and the beautiful fabric is a delight. Take care.

  3. You've been a busy girl! Your stitching is so sweet - love the labels, the little girl fabric...your hexies, buttons, shop it all! So happy to hear from you. Take care

  4. Love the bunny cushion very much. Enjoy the garden! I am trying to, early in the mornings, before it gets hot.

  5. Love your labels and little makes. The jug and bowl are lovely, I like mismatched china it seems prettier than a matched set somehow. Gorgeous buttons, I have a row of jars for segregating coloured buttons.

  6. What great finds and buys, pretty labels and fabric, buttons and gorgeous china.

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