Sunday, 8 May 2016

A new month, and a new baby or 3!

I was right "aunty" the white cow was in calf and on Tuesday morning I noticed the new baby had white as it's mother and like the other two babies bouncing and running around....oh my ...I couldn't help but smile...who wouldn't?  And then a couple of days 2 more...a total of 5 calves from 3 cows.  Those two calves a week or so ago were twins! And another set this week!  Twins are rare in cows and the farmer is very happy. The new mummies are not bringing the calves near enough for me to snap a picture clear enough but hopefully next time.  Seeing 5 little calves hopping and playing together is a sight to behold.

May Bank Holiday was a wash out, rain and more rain.  But look

No moles...hooray, two weeks and no hills.  How? Well DH has recently started playing  bowls (a
story for another day!!) anyway as men do, he was having a game with the club's green keeper and as conversations do the subject of moles arose.   Well DH was advised "Jeyes" fluid which is a type of disinfectant.  Basically you remove the mole hill and there you will find a hole....get a stick and make the hole bigger and pour a neat glug of liquid into the hole.  We had 3 more nights , each morning the holes getting nearer to our boundary and being treated, morning 4 and since no mole...good riddance!  They hate the smell
apparently and move on and it has done the trick.....we have yet again reseeded the bald patches and fingers crossed xxxx we may have some sort of lawn again.

The cold is gone just a dry cough now and I feel human again, thank you for your kind wishes.

Lots more hexies glued and some stitched....I had dreams of a bed cover but ...... Well that would
need to be huge...will I get bored ?..... Reading blogs it seems
many sewers have one on these projects on the go for years! .......having said that I can see
why.....being English paper piecing it takes time and like me many crafters get side tracked with other projects ...nice to know I am not alone!   I think though hexies are ideal for doing sitting in the garden  or on the beach(weather permitting) so I am not going to put them out of view. .  I have all my hexie flower bits in a new basket and so no excuse to keep it near and ready to transport as the mood takes me.

The garden is starting to bloom

More of the tulips 

Apple tree blossom flowers now open 

Pear tree blossom too

This is our very old apple tree
with this massive hole in the trunk!
We do get such lovely apples from it despite 

The smell from this broom is 

Also during the week I washed out all the seed trays, hope to start.  planting some flowers....

All drying in the sunshine.

I am late planting , a few plants started a few weeks ago are doing fine...those are tomatoes, lettuce, leeks, kale and cabbage.

The tubs have been moved into position for the runner beans....but the plants won't go in until all risk of frost has passed.  It is still chilly here and even the cabbage hasn't gone in yet.   I am still waiting for the leeks too to get a bit bigger . I always grow leeks next to cabbage as I find the smell keeps the butterflies away from destroying the plants... and I.  plant some leeks near the kale too.

The top of the tubs have the last molehills in them,

The flower bed here to be extended 

Chris our garden chap is doing some extra bits for us, repairs to some trellis, digging out bigger flower beds and then I can use the pots when the pot bound plants are planted out.  I think a visit may be on the cards to the garden centre this week too.  The beds in the front garden are being extended too.  The trouble is a stream runs under the front garden and it is very boggy.  I need to chose some water loving plants for there.   I have dug my garden books out for inspiration so looking forward to seeing what I can find.    Like back at my last garden I plan to visit the garden centre seasonally so I always have some growth and colour in the beds.

Apart from the garden centre no plans for this week.  Hoping for sunshine to do some more seed planting and a bit of sewing.  I have ordered a new book which should arrive soon so will share that next time...until then ..


  1. I have just made a start transplanting things into the garden. I now intend to plant some leeks near the brassicas hoping that will help. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Oh - aren't baby calves sweet? We used to raise organic beef and had several calves - one we had to bottle feed. Heh - THANK YOU for the hint about how to get rid of moles. I'm getting some of the stuff you mentioned - I'll let you know if US moles hate the stuff, too - HA!

  3. Looking forward to white calf pictures!! :D
    Ta ta moles!! Good riddance!

  4. Garden is looking lovely, you could try a gunnera in your boggy area it would love it and grow huge :-)

  5. Goodness me, I had forgotten about Jeyes Fluid. Not sure what the equivalent is here. It certainly worked for getting rid of your moles. Good advice from the green keeper.

  6. Lovely blooms in your garden. Can't wait to see the new calf pictures....

  7. Hello Maria,

    Well done on sorting out that awful Mole problem. Your garden is looking great, hope the sunflowers bloom soon.

    Happy days.