Thursday, 28 April 2016

Little darlings

I have had a lovely week or two.  Lots of lovelies and little darling things have been appearing and time to sew , well I have definitely fulfilled my three hexi flowers per week quota that's for sure and a bit far at least

The glue pen I mentioned certainly has worked wonders even with much smaller hexies .

I have been naughty again!  I have been waiting for this beautiful retro type fabric to arrive in the on line shops I use and it did and I did so have to have it!  It is from a collection called "strawberry biscuit" and I have seen so many things made on Pinterest using it well I just could not resist and when I opened the package I didn't regret the spend one bit!

These are other retro prints I could not resist 

I have a few gifts to make for babies due in the next few months.
I don't know  what  the sex of the babies so I am well prepared now. 

And other things.....

A morning with DH and Dextie spent on the beach...then ice creams on the bench and back home to more sewing ......simple things, this was last Wednesday ..

New Quay....the sea was so blue .. 

Wet pupster with a  sandy nose, 
we met a couple who used to breed Dally's 
from their Dalmatians.  they told 
us that 
our boy was very handsome
 beautiful amber eyes 
a great sign of a good breeding 
if their eyes are so clear... 
and his stance so well formed (?)  apparently.. 

we wouldn't change him.  for anything 
but nice to confirm what a handsome boy we have 
by someone we just met..
who have some knowledge of the breed. 

Then .... yesterday.... this...doesn't seem like May will be here next week.

This carried on and off for 4 hours was so chilly the
heating was on most of the morning and early afternoon
and then back on at tea time!

Earlier in the week I noticed a animal transporter leave the farm next to us with calves that had been born since we arrived here two years ago...little calves the children had named and for a few minutes I felt sad seeing them go...I wandered home ...deep in thought as I do on the odd occasion .  My knee seems to have improved a bit, I have done a bit of driving the last week since my car was fixed .  As
my car is manuel I wonder whether that exercise has helped?  So I have been for the odd wander otherwise the temptation to sit and stick hexies would if I let it take over my day!  Anyway I arrived
home and what a beautiful sight and sound greeted me..... New baby calves, can't be very old, with their mothers and "aunty" who I think must be pregnant too

And their names "blue" and "little pink flowers".   Named by you know who!

I haven't done any gardening yet...I should I know but just have not been "in the mood"
Every pot needs weeding and the soil topping up ....maybe next week...... But with every day hail and sleet I am in no rush!

Both kiddies off school for the last few days , poorly. not much sewing getting done..just lots of cuddles, sympathy and maid duties!

I found a free printable sheet for 3/4 inch hexies and they are so little...printed a couple of sheets off as  i do not have the die for that size but do for the fabric to fit it .  I think they will make cute brooches and hair slides or to decorate gift bags .... I found a little bag of them  , not sure when I got them whilst tidying up and they do look cute... Hence I thought I would make some more . A couple are in this picture that I have sewn already...

glueing these are a bit tricky 
but I am not planning on making many or very often.


  1. Love the fabrics, reminds me of old times, very retro and very pretty. See you are hand sewing the hexies, I have a question, can you wash them if you have the paper glued inside? Funny old weather you are getting there, we are warming up here, saw our first snakes this week. Not too fond of them but they do help keep the rodents away. Hope the snow and sleet stops soon for you guys.

    1. You can wash them dear Maureen, the previous post I showed the glue pen I use...the glue is water soluble easily removed the paper template , and that can be re used too then wash the fabric as per fabrics washing instructions and voila the glue all gone. Snowing here again today...snakes yuk! Hope you guys are all well.xx

  2. you have been having an interesting time of it ... and watching the cycle of life pass by is part of the fun of living close to nature xxHope the kids are feeling better x

  3. Hope the children are on the mend. You have certainly been busy, love the new fabric what a delight. The weather here is much the same, weird!

  4. Dear DD
    Your hexagons are looking lovely. I have been preparing some too, but haven't decided what to make with them yet. Loving those fabrics!
    Have a good weekend
    Best wishes

    1. Seems to be lots of new fabrics appearing , very tempting.

  5. You are so blessed with the farm right next to you. Are there Daves still about? ;)

    1. Dave and Twinkle are still with us....fudge and toffee and Digby too are gone.xx

  6. Your hexies are gorgeous! I like your new fabrics too, especially the cherry ones. Hope that the weather improves soon for us all, it has been very odd hasn't it!

  7. The new fabric is so pretty, you'll have lots of fun using that, I bet your daughter will have her eye on it too now that she has her own sewing machine. What weather we're having at the moment, it's like four seasons in one day, I woke to a layer of snow this morning but thankfully it didn't hang around. Hope the little ones are now on the mend and are feeling much better for the bank holiday weekend.

    1. Yes she does..little rascal...I imagine she wants a little to make a gift when her teacher has her baby. Weather seem rotten here..heating on and it's may, never done that ever before but so chilly!

  8. Pretty new fabric and hexies, the ones I make are the tiny ones too as I want to use up tiny scraps of fabric. Our weather is picking up but still rather chilly (N. Spain)

    1. Smaller hexies look so cute, especially during chilly evenings.

  9. What fabulous fabrics. I've been looking at my hexies again over the past couple of weeks thinking shall start them again. I seem to do them at the same time every year. Yours look so pretty. xx

    1. There is just something about hexies and for me EPP in general..some lovely new fabrics seem to be arriving in the shops right now.

  10. What fabulous fabrics. I've been looking at my hexies again over the past couple of weeks thinking shall start them again. I seem to do them at the same time every year. Yours look so pretty. xx