Sunday, 6 March 2016

Spring is in the air

Happy Mother's Day , not just to the mum's and grandma's out there , but to great sisters, aunties, nieces  and cousins too.  I appreciate the gift of so many females in my family....some have been like a mum to me and my children too and likewise I hope I  have been there for girls(and boys of course)  in my family too.

Some weeks seem to whizz by and this week certainly has.

We had a WI lunch on Wednesday down in Llangrannog.  I had Cawl for the first time.  Cawl is a popular Welsh stew around these parts and is usually made with either, lamb, beef or bacon and root veg. It is served  piping hot with a lump of bread and cheese it went down rather well on a stormy day when storm "Jake" was giving us his worst!  The sea was very rough and the  promenade was littered with stones and pebbles ...I forgot to take pictures but with high winds I doubt I would have been able to hold a camera anyway as walking to and from the car park was very very windy!

The members of our group have a average age of 73!!! but the stories they tell are so interesting.One lady recounted how during early March 1965 Llangrannog was cut off for days due to heavy snow.  The landlady of The Pentre Arms pub daily took orders from the residents for milk, bread, essentials and medicines etc and  rang through to New Quay Lifeboat station . Then sometime the next day the lifeboat would bring all the supplies around the coastline for the residents , this happened every day the village was cut off.  On one occasion though the boat overturned and all the supplies were lost but thankfully no one on board was killed or injured.

Well back to the WI.
This book is worth a read.  This copy is doing the rounds in our group .

I do love looking back in history 
and especially love the outfits the ladies wore.
I think that's why I love period dramas...I love looking at the 
decor of the homes and especially 
the fashion at the time.

I wouldn't personally buy this book  , but it is worth borrowing from the library.

Well what else....... Not much making ..lots of list making though as I have 3 swaps to do ...I know I

am a rascal but I love them...and I am noting ideas down and maybe tomorrow I can make a start.

I have been looking for some simple projects for little miss to sew, things like tissue holders , purses etc  that she can make for the forthcoming craft fair.  Last weekend we can across some old linen in a charity shop.  I have washed them and as many have small holes, stains that won't come out ,  and therefore. cannot be used as they are we will cut them up and use them for a vintage feel to our makes.   Pinterest as always has been inspirational and I love seeing how many things vintage linen can be used to make things.

And of course I found a few bits too

China roses

a poppy jug (75p)

I think this is a Bon Bon dish (£1.50)
it was in perfect condition 
the gold on the pattern is as if it is new. 

This mug will join my tiny collect
brand new and only £1 !
I couldn't believe how cheap it was
but I gave in a bag of donations at the same time so didn't feel too 
guilty  buying it..


Now I am not sure what this is 
maybe a bell pull? 
It is extremely dirty and in need of repair
and was only  50p!'
so I am going to give it a gentle hand wash 
with a fine paintbrush and see 
how I go from there.

and some new die cutters

I have lots of birthdays 
in the next few months so I thought
I would try to get some cards made
and these were all in a sale half price
so I thought why not!

My cutting dies have been in a terrible "mess" recently
so one afternoon I got a new 
exercise book .
I have listed all the dies in the book

1. So I don't duplicate any
2. So I can remember what I have !!

And I  then put then in various plastic folders
(Bought cheaply from the poundshop)
The folders are numbered 
(Much easier if you have themes like flowers, 
Christmas, shapes etc) 
and the folder number is listed beside each die 
in the index book
so in theory much easier to find 
each die when I need it.
(And more organised I hope)

Well that's me for now.
No snow here thankfully .
weather is very chilly .  loads of 
new born lambs 
can be heard in surrounding fields calling 
for their mothers.....
such a apt time to celebrate Mother's Day.
I do love Spring..


  1. Hi Maria

    Your little plaque with the flower on I believe is what is known as a Capodimonte Rose. They were traditionally sold on a mental stalk but there were versions done like this as little plaques for popping on the wall. Glad you are enjoying the WI. I used to be a Secretary for the Deeping St Nicholas WI (when I was younger) and I miss that. Used to enjoy speaking to the oldies and finding out the local stories too. There is something about a mixed bunch of ladies in that so much wealth and experience is passed on with younger ones eager to learn. I hope storm has settled down and that things are a little more peaceful. With regard to the old linen - if it is what is known as rust stains on the linen if you dab some cooked rhubarb (without any sugar on) it is supposed to lift the rust according to one of my books. Its not something I have tried. Also to brighten whites up when they are starting to yellow add some white vinegar to the wash. It helps an awful lot. If the linen is too far past redemption it can be used with waste canvas to embroider a motif on and then the waste canvas wetted and you should be able to pull away the canvas leaving the motif on the linen. Alternatively if the linen is embroidered already how about making a crazy patchwork cushion cover. Then when the cushion front is assembled start to teach little Miss some simple embroidery and then once that is completed make it into a cushion cover to pop on her bed. Just an idea. Hope you are keeping well. Take care.



    1. Thank you so much Tricia...I will try what you suggest

    2. Sorry I had a glitch with the send button!!! The Rose is so pretty and I will try to look into them a bit more... It looks so old and was crying out "take me home" and my house is old so I did!!!! Little Miss is loving making things so I am sure a crazy quilt will be right up her street.xx. Thank you for all the advice

  2. Love love love the bon bon dish!

  3. Lovely finds and great dies you ave there hope you have had a lovely mothers day

  4. Lovely to catch up on all of your news! Your WI sounds like a good group. Enjoy your crafting and swapping making! xx

    1. I hope you are feeling better, have been wishing you well. Can't wait to get some crafting done but life gets in the way sometimes, never mind .xx

  5. Happy Mother's day to you. I see you got some Sizzix too. I felt like it was Christmas all over again. Guess I will never fully grow up. Some more lovely treasures you found too. We are getting some spring here too. daffodils are up, irises are beginning to pop up and the forsythia is trying to bloom but fear it is a tad early for it yet. We don't see many sheep around here so no new lambs to see. Plenty of calves though.

    1. You make me smile , I too do not intend ever to fully grow up! Weather still rubbish I am afraid. And my garden is still fast asleep apart from the odd daffodil. Being Wales sheep and lamb everywhere cute xx

  6. What a wonderful group! What does WI stand for please?
    Take pictures of lambs when you are able!! Are they being named?

    1. Sorry honey it stand for Women's Institute and is popular here and also in Canada started in very late 1800's , think it was 1895... I will do a bit of research for a post I promise.
      There are so many lambs everywhere, most ewes having 2 even 3 lambs. We don't name them though my little man adores them (has since a baby) and calls them "lovely little rascals". I will take some photos, promise xxx

  7. Hello sweet friend! Oh, how I have missed you! How long has it been since I have popped in for a visit? Way too long that's for sure.

    Spring is in the air here too. The sun is shining brightly and our days are warming up nicely. Just a week ago I saw a precious robin and when I see them I always think spring is here :)

    How are you, my dear? Please know that I think of you OFTEN! Wishing you a beautiful week. Love and hugs! Stephanie-The Enchanting Rose

    1. You too honey, I must catch up, time seems to be flying past here. I love robins, they are one of my favourite birds and my bird feeding is full of very plump little birds at the moment...Spring has arrived xxx

  8. Sounds like a great gathering at your WI. I must check out our local group. Love the bon bon dish and I was amazed at the price of the Cath
    Kidston mug, a great bargain.

    1. I am enjoying my WI group very much and would highly recommend asking for a taster visit to see how you like it. My group is small but so friendly. I had to do a double check re the mug and the Bon Bon dish, I was so lucky and everyday enjoy looking at my dresser whilst I am cooking or pottering in the kitchen.xx

  9. That looks like an interesting book, I like reading about times gone by too. I bought my dad a book for Christmas full of information as well as pictures about old Leeds, he's found it really interesting as he's lived here all of his 82 years and has seen lots of changes. You picked up some great bargains in the charity shop and well done with organising your die cutters, it sounds like you've got a good system.

    1. It is worth a read , our group bought it's own copy so we all could borrow it. The book is full of fab photos and all the history of the WI. I hope now they are sorted I can use my cutters more as before they were just in various boxes and it was an adventure to find the one I wanted!xx