Friday, 10 June 2016

On a scale......

For anyone interested 2 new swaps have been posted this week.  Kimberley at Creative Chaos and Tracy at Mad about bags are both doing one so if you fancy some fun pop over and join in the fun!

Back to my week.......
on a scale of one to ten I am at about 9..... Post gardening pain that is !!! is entirely my own fault but once I started I just had to go for it and did it all in a few hours.  So the pain is well worth it ..

Here are the before and after pics.  Late Wednesday I decided I just couldn't bare the heather (inherited when we moved here) and the sheer volume of "elephant ears" so I decided Thursday I would "go for it".

This is what the front 
of the border looked like 
before it was extended around the
pear tree to the right of the picture

elephants ears cut severely back,
well the heather 
took ages to cut back to get to the roots, 
which then I dug out,
then new compost dug in
and the fun of planting began

Found this little chap 
and "relocated him under the miniature
he was quite large 
and finding him ...
well it  gave me an idea...

ready to go 

and ta da 

Complete with 
a frog paddling pool...
and frog was,placed,in it 
and I must say looked 
rather surprised...
but I have seen him in it again since

The new border now has hardy fuschia,
(2 varieties) , phlox, geraniums, sweet William, 
snap dragons, astilbe ,  lupin, carnation ,
to name a few
over the months some evergreens 
will be added 

Chris dug the opposite border yesterday for me .
Again it is quite long
but I have the plants for it
and they haven't cost much.
Most will be repotted from planters 
and pots dotted around the garden.
I can use those pots then for 
Annuals and plants that can't tolerate
the heavy soil here.

It's pouring here at the moment 
so more planting may have to wait.

The funny thing is DH is rather impressed
and gardens are not "his thing" 
impressed,so much that is
he wants to go shopping
next week to get some

Wonders will never cease!


  1. Its hard work at times but well worth when you see the end results, it looking wonderful.

  2. Wow. No wonder you're sore! I could feel my muscles aching just reading your post. But it all looks beautiful. Love the frog paddling pond 😃

  3. :) Looking out for the frogs! We have toads in our garden. We name them. Ha! Maybe yours is named Dave? ;) Good for you! I cannot handle the tough garden work any longer. Must get the hubby or young men to do it for me.

  4. Hard work has definitely paid off. Well done you. I have been in considerable pain since Wednesday and my digging. Have to slow down a bit. Loving the little circular pool.

  5. Looking good, a lot of hard graft but the results are great. This is a good time to buy roses as you can see them in full flower and smell the perfume.

  6. Well done - what a revamp. I look forward to seeing the roses you will be buying in due course. I wouldn't be without mine. (Got 3 more David Austin roses recently when they were offered at just £7.75 each at Malvern Fleamarket!)

  7. You did masses! No wonder you were worn out! It looks great though, you can see you got an awful lot done!!

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