Saturday, 23 July 2016

Skipping along

hi everyone, where have I been ? I looked at the last post and realised it has been nearly 3 weeks since I last posted!

Well I had a birthday, and that seemed to last a week, lots of treats, lunches and a dinner out . I still haven't got around to putting the "love seat" the children bought me together , but now the holidays are here next week looks like I will be able to do that.

Along with other mum's at the end of the school year I was chasing my tail.  Sports day and days out at school kept being postponed because of the weather and then there was a made rush to fit everything in during the last week!  On top of that there were meetings to do with the children and education due to their disabilities and also routine check ups at hospital for them too.  Little Miss is officially taller than me now standing a whopping 5'9 and she is only 12!!! Her feet are bigger than mine too so on Friday new summer sandals and flips flops were purchased for the summer.

The weather here has been WET.  The kitchen garden has gone "bonkers" and my new flower beds
Well, a friend popped round for a cuppa.  She didn't know about the beds and when she saw them she was amazed ....she is a avid gardener and said she could not believe they were only a couple of
months old as it looked so well established!  I was chuffed to bits....praise indeed.
I have been busy making too during these wet days...and yesterday did a fair that went oh so well.
Thank you for your lovely comments on the last post about Little Miss and her sewing....she has started again and yesterday the praise she got from customers, well I think and hope she is back on track.  She asked me last night "mummy could I make a quilt?" Which as you can imagine made a lovely day even lovelier.

Little man won his age group fancy dress
at the fair yesterday

My stall

These little Zakka style fabric trays I made proved very popular and addictive to make too.  I have lots of ideas around this theme that I am going to try this summer and also for  future fairs, I refuse to say the "C" word just yet though I know lots of fellow crafters are beginning already to make stuff ,  but far too early just yet for me'

Some ever popular mini cushions and lavender satchets 

I am also going to have a great declutter this summer too, well that's the plan in between trips out and the odd visitor or too.

I am so behind with blog reading but hope to catch up soon with all your news

Monday, 4 July 2016

Half way through

Well July and half way through the year already, where has the time gone.  The only day we have missed the rain was Tuesday over a week ago when I finally managed to empty the two large wooden troughs, reposition them, add new compost and plant up the roses and again yesterday Sunday. Unfortunately we had other plans away from home for most of the day.

We bought four new roses in total...these are two of them and the other two, well one was missing a label and the other is call Darcey Bussell, she is the deep Crimson one
they all smell lovely and have taken well to being put in the planters.

! A new love seat a early present from husband and the children has arrived too, but it is too wet to put it together outside!!!

Cucumbers are being picked every couple of days or so...they are thriving in the front porch

The quilt blocks are still awaiting to be finished mojo to do it at the moment....usual ups and downs in life putting a spanner in the works... Looking forward to the school holidays.....the kids are tired too and asking how many days until the holidays begin.

A lady at craft group has suggested I start a ETSY shop.....not sure if it is easy/straight forward enough....????if anyone has started a shop I would appreciate hearing about it and any advice you have.... I have loads I could de stash for sure!!!!

I have picked up a couple of vintage handmade quilts too..... One is very heavy and I am not sure what it is filled before I clean it I need to unpick it a bit and see if it needs dry cleaning rather than washing... Will show next time.

Well extremely unhelpful advice and criticism by mother in law to little miss during her Easter visit has totally demoralised my sweetheart on the sewing machine front.  Little miss has lost all her confidence and I am patiently trying to coax her back to sewing again.  I wouldn't mind but my mother in law hasn't used a sewing machine for over 60 years and makes nothing.......

On a happier note some little finds .....

a strawberry mini dish 

I have stuck magnets under this dish now and it makes a cute pin dish 

could not resist this cheeky chap 

I have a few blue glass dishes 
that belonged to my nan and this 
caught my eye so...

They are repairing the lane outside the house tonight  so 
we may have to play "musical beds " 
later and retire to the back of the house
as I imagine it will be noisey and lots
lights too. 
We are told the work starts at 6pm and is expected to 
Carry on until the early hours!!!

on that cheerful note ..until next time