Friday, 27 November 2015

The night drawing in and yet another storm.

The day has whizzed by.  First thing a weekly shop and then home to do some more sorting of boxes, contents sort of checked and a "seller" survival kit (labels, pen and paper, painkillers( I always pack these, heat and noise , well it can trigger a headache believe me ..I love Christmas music but sometimes it is so loud!!!, sellotape, pegs and big markers and price cards packed.  Food and drinks will be done in the morning)

I have done many stalls and don't have practice layouts anymore.  I know how I like to lay the stall out and always seems to get compliments and smiles so I hope tomorrow it is just as appealing . I only iron for crafting and
table cloths for stalls and the very odd shirt!!! The kids often ask when I iron what am I doing?!!!!

Yesterday Angels were threaded with ribbon and priced which itself took over 2 hrs with Little Miss' help.  She is SO excited .  Tonight she will hang the Angels on the trees and I will put the trees inside big  bin bags to transport.  Trial and error means we do this job in advance , some Angels fall off but the majority stay on and it will save some much time when laying the table out.  I have a girl coming with us to babysit Little Miss for me for the first time ever. she is lovely with my sweetheart, she  will take her to the loo and just make sure she is safe, does not wonder off , make sure she can have fresh air breaks if the noise overwhelms her.  When it does (hopefully) get busy I need a extra pair of hands to keep Little Miss safe and this girl has experience of working with disabled kids and hopefully will help with holiday respite for us in the future.

The dining room is a complete is full of "stuff" . I have so enjoyed making stuff for this fair,  and also gifts for  friends and family, many different things, using my "new "sewing machine (bought last year) with ease because now I know how it works...I love it so!!!! my DH says when he pokes his head around the corner of the dining room , when I machine, and I do it in huge batches , he laughed because I am so quiet!!!!

On that note..take care everyone, see you soon, such high winds tonight ..hope tomorrow is better..

On that note

Thursday, 26 November 2015

christmas planning starts

Thank you for your lovely comments, I am feeling much better, a little dizzy sometimes but not had a stinker headache since Monday and when one seems close by still taking the painkillers.  My friend has had this for 3 weeks and she says quite a few mums doing the school run have had it or know of someone who has..  I think I must be on week 3 now as I went to the optician 3 weeks ago when I thought it was something to do with my eyesight so hopefully I am on the home run...not that I have done any running since the kids were small!!

I do like making a list.  Whether I ever get through one completely or in the time scale I hope for, well that's another matter!! Ha ha.  This morning the high winds woke me at 4am and after a hour I knew I couldn't drop off again so came downstairs, heating on so it was cosy when everyone else got up at 7.  I got my new notebook/Christmas planner out.  My old one was 5 years old and full up so I got a nice new one last time I was in Cardigan.  I love looking through old notebooks like this, remembering happy times and looking forward to another Christmas.

I usually have pages for the usual, cards, presents, wish lists, food shopping etc etc I then have pages for , fours weeks to go, 3 weeks etc and then the last two weeks are broken down into days . I have lists of things to try to get done, bought or sent and usually it works well for me.  It does help keep me focused and relatively organised and then hopefully everyone has a nice happy time, with no last minute panicking.  This year I have 4 swaps to do too , I know '!! To be fair one I enlisted for one months ago and they are such fun.  I have listed to do the swap parcels  for next week hopefully giving me 7 whole days for me to wrap and send off . Week 4 is looking exciting already !!!!
December is big for birthdays too as well as the usual you know what!  I have 4 birthdays and also 2 very early in the new year too. I have already bought or made the cards and the gifts too...I can't remember the last Christmas time I was ahead so soon..long may it continue..

I do adore Christmas.   My two still "believe" so I still have the "naughty list" to use as a bargaining
tool!!  I love more traditional decorations and colours, though Little Miss is still trying to convince
me a pink tree is the way to go! (She has a little pink tree in her bedroom) .  The decorations start going up the beginning of the month and usually take a couple of days here and there to do and "tweak" The old CDs and films start getting played and no doubt fairy light trouble!!! We always seem to have a set not working , no matter how carefully they are boxed away there is always one!! It always brings back happy memories of being small and my dad nearly always getting a shock from the tree lights...not funny really but that and going to midnight mass , well those sort of memories stay with you don't they?

This year we are home and it is just us.  I am looking forward to it .  No fussing just relaxing .  DH always cooks the dinner starting on Christmas Eve with making fresh Cranberry relish, stock, stuffing , roasting a ham and sausage rolls, mince pies and nibbles.  Usually we have a few friends over for a drink and then for a few days we just please ourselves....lovely.  This year the presents have all been purchased especially early, but even so I always seem to be wrapping presents Christmas
Eve.....another tradition it would seem!!

last week I received these lovelies in the Paper and String exchange...sadly some have no contact details

I love them all and am  going to display all things 
from swaps and swapping friends on a special tree.

This is what I sent in the swap

a few have charms sewn on the back.

Dear Diane (the Cheshire quilter blog)sent me two YES two lovelies, not connected to the exchange

She sent them for no other reason than
She is lovely.xx
Thank you again Diane .

And then yesterday the swap parcel, from Diane  arrived.. with strict instructions not to open until 25.12.2016!!!Well we exchanged a funny email about that one !!!!

Every year I get fed up with sellotape and this year I promised myself I would get a dispenser.  Well if anyone is interested Card Factory have a heavy (no slipping or sliding about) sellotape dispenser for 99p and the sellotape also 99p for 4 rolls...I love a bargain!!

Also I got 2 fab books from The Works,   Both are hardback,  and greatly reduced, great gifts for a crafty someone.  They had loads of craft books , cookery books and kids books etc etc all a quarter of
the RRP..worth a look if you are stuck for ideas.

Excuse my usual mess in the background!
It doesn't just have knitting patterns 
for hearts ..

These patterns could easily be adapted 
For cross stitch too

and yes this was only £2 

And this one £3

Well on that festive note...

                        See you soon

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A strange sort of week

Since my lovely meet up last week with the girls (west Wales bloggers) , I have nearly had daily headaches.  Apparently I am not alone, there appears to be a virus 'thing' doing it's rounds around here.  Headaches , blurred vision, tiredness, feeling sick and just generally feeling "rough" .  Due to this I have done very little and with the first fair this week I need to get a move on because now I am rather behind .  I also have new "reading" glasses and the new prescription is taking some getting used to, again with these headaches lingering , my eyes are taking time to adjust ,so not much of anything crafty being done.  I am also behind with posting some bits too and hope tomorrow to have a day to catch up. Having said that I have been quite productive this afternoon and the front porch is now full of goodies for Saturday so not all bad.

On Saturday , Little Miss and I met a friend for coffee, it was cold, and the wind howling at New Quay

Very stormy weather. 

Yesterday the first frosts arrived.
Our village local pub arranged a  Christmas shopping trip
to Llanelli .

I felt fine going (not so great coming home, another headache!!)
The frost was so thick in places going.  , 
but it was bright and looked so like a Christmas
scene you see on a card.
It was nice not to drive and be able
To admire the scenery. 

It was really busy considering it was a Monday 
but I enjoyed the trip.
I really felt myself getting into the Christmas mood.
All the rest of the Christmas gifts
have now been bought. 
Now just to wrap them when little ones
are at school.

I also couldn't resist 
a few "extras" 
for the fireplace.
Once I give the fireplace a big dust , put the Autumn stuff away 
I can put the new stuff out
all sparkles .... 

The bits I wanted for swaps have also been 
After the fair this weekend 
I intend to get the swaps wrapped and sent off by 
5th December ish!!! 
hopefully before.

I always find this time , the end of November rushes by for me. 

DH and I are celebrating a "big" wedding anniversary in  
Little Miss also has a December birthday
and like Little Man on his birthday, does not want a party,
but she does want to go out 
"Somewhere" for lunch. 
So for us December is always a busy happy 

Feeling rough I have dropped out of Little Man's fair which is
this Thursday.

Instead I have put a box of stuff together.  for the school 
to sell or raffle .
I know my limitations
and know  I am not up to 2 big fairs in 3 days.

I took some pictures  re the swap I mentioned last time
but it is so dark and gloomy 
here they haven't 
Turned out well or show any detail
So I will try again for next time.

Little Miss has just got in from school
and dragging me off for more crafting
she is so funny at times!!

"Come on Mum, no time for coffee , time to work!" 
On such a wet , windy evening 
it seems the perfect past time .
Steak, kidney, stew with dumplings simmering 
in the Rayburn....
Smells really yummy

See you soon

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A lovely start to the week....

Yesterday (Monday) was a happy, jolly, bright day in more ways than one!   I headed over to Newcastle Emlyn to meet my new West Wales blogging friends .  Unfortunately Louise was not able to join us but I hope there will be another time and she will be able to join us . Following the other girls blogs I hoped I would recognise them and we all arrived at 11 at cafe 11 and I was made to feel so welcome (the other girls have met up before). All of us enjoy various crafts and hobbies and I had such a lovely time.  I didn't take any photo's but the others did so you can pop over to their blogs to see all the tempting goodies on offer at Cotton Patch and what was purchased and sighed over!! And also the little gifts exchanged between us too.  The time whizzed by as it often does when one is in good company, I had to dash off at 2.30 to be home for the kiddies but I did so enjoy meeting such friendly ladies.

Bovey Belle,

On Sunday...
Little Miss decided she wanted to print onto pegs instead of fabric and I found a £1 packet of wooden pegs, ink and stamps and this amused her for nearly 2 hours

Then she made some magnets out of these too.
Again little gifts from her for Christmas.

We are or should I say she is going to seal the ink on the pegs with PVA glue, stick magnet strips on the back and bundle them ready for Christmas gifts.  She has been making hole punched tags for her gifts and we have a sparkly theme going on to...she has been using glitter on air drying clay and boy it seems to get everywhere, in our hair, under finger nails, on the floor and so it spreads, but I do love
it as well it reminds me of Christmas approaching .

I have this lot to finish off , and then I think apart from making some reindeer "food" for the fair I am
done.  (Cheap porridge oats with glitter).  Little man's school have asked if I will do a Christmas  stall
again like last year....I hadn't planned to as they do a evening fair,  but they said they really need stalls so I said I will have a think and let them know ......  Fund raising is so vital for these little schools and I have enough stuff made so I will give in I expect ha ha ha.  It is nice to catch up with little man's teacher and teaching assistants at school fairs as we don't do the "school run" and last year we picked up a takeaway on the way home so DH said "we" should.

Last week when in Carmarthen I picked up this in Wilko and only £2 !!!

It is a mini Rudolph knitting 
they had a few kits 
on offer, but I liked the look
Of this one.

The kit contains the needles, wool and pattern 
and the filling ..

I am currently knitting a  hedgehog, so this may just have to wait a bit , but he is small and hopefully won't take too long.

The weather here is so windy and so muddy outside. I have had a catch up day with chores and paperwork and got to stay in all day .  A few things to post tomorrow , a couple of things for overseas which I have been so late sending , ...never mind they are going tomorrow without fail!  .  Yesterday I bought some perle cotton at Cotton  Patch to finish off the Santa hanging quilt and also to get some stitchery started .  This evening I hope to finish the quilt now I have the right thread, still one small panel to finish too but again I needed the red thread to do that.

A Christmas swap arrived today... More about that next time and also some more finishes.

See you soon

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Another "visitor" and more making!!!

the wind here has been waking me in the very early hours for the last few days and yesterday I came into the lounge and yes you've guessed it another mouse!!!  Last night a trap placed in there and door closed and this morning trap again sprung.  I am not a happy bunny and think I am just going to nag and nag until DH gives in and we get a cat again.  I think with so many abandoned cats it might be nice to get one already house trained and not a kitten.... But don't know what pupster will do.....oh dear .....decisions ..decisions...I just hate the thought of mice!

Yesterday what a jolly time me and my sweetheart had.  We nipped into the annex grabbed a basket of goodies  and spent hours making ....

Patchwork small cushions

Crochet  wrist warmers finished,
just need to add some pretty buttons 
I think

I am so pleased that I have made this 
Little chap. 
The pattern is by Alan Dart and is available 
on his website.
Little chap comes in 3 sizes.
As you know from my garden ornaments 
I love gnomes.
When I have time I hope to make another 
But I am a very slow knitter 

These we made together.
Little miss put the hanging bead decorations
Together..I think she has quite
"An eye" for nice combinations.

I still have a pile of sewing to do.

Yes I know cross stitch 
(At last!!!)

All Lizzie Kate designs 
and the Santa button is ceramic 
and so cute.

Today after setting the "visitor" free, 
we plan to do some fabric printing
using some fabric ink and 
Christmas stamps.
Something we haven't done before 
and should be fun
and definitely bound to be

See you soon

Saturday, 14 November 2015

I spoke too soon!!! High winds and chilly

after saying how mild the weather was the other day , we'll all of a sudden it now isn't!! Heating blasting out and now resigned to jumpers and cardigans too. All the servicing is done so I am happy and feel safe when that is done although we do have carbon monoxide monitors you never can be too careful can you!  yesterday, midday the rain eased off a bit for an hour or so , so we got out and swept up two small dustbins full of leaves , drains cleared of them too( 4 times so far this year!  well our lane is tree lined after all...plenty of mulch now bagged up for the "hopefully" new raised beds next year) I moved anything that could blown around, be damaged or cause damage. Hanging  baskets taken down too.  This morning had a quick check and all looks ok.  Been awake since 3ish, the wind was so loud but everyone else slept through it!

Well what have I been up to?
I tried to ring another two electricians , answerphone messages left.  I wouldn't mind I only want 3 new strip lights fitted , 2 in the annex and one in the kitchen, anyone would think I was asking for a whole new rewire of the house!!! I had that done at the last house and it is a "big" job but honestly getting anything done here , well don't get me started.  3 months ago we started to get quotes for a new bathroom (needs grab rails, bigger bath , and just more 'disabled' friendly for the kids especially Little Miss) well one quote was huge, one seemed too cheap and one still hasn't got back to me! Last week another survey...still waiting for that quote and still waiting for another to make an appointment...aargh!!!!
Never mind deep breaths now!!!

Lots of housework and clearing out "old stuff" done , mainly in Little Miss' room.  She has grown out
of so much, not only clothes , but toys and books and the duvet sets that little girls like so well she
doesn't like anymore.  All donated to the school and a lady who lives nearby too has very "girly" feel good about that.  All Little Miss' teddies (and my she has many) have all had a wash and smell and feel lovely, didn't feel it was fair to get rid of those as she does so love them and when she is ready she can decide if or what stays or goes.

Well as promised

These are a few that have been cut out,
now ready to sew, then add
stuffing, ribbons and the odd button 

Christmas trees, just need ribbon trunks added

This one is  for us  ..lots of 
beads on these .
sewing  to add all the beads 
takes a bit of time 
so not making lots of these.

More bits to either machine or  hand  sew

Stuff for the fair 

Little beads added to the above
here and there

I am loving polar bears and seals 
this  winter time (well nearly winter isn't it ?
It feels like it!) 
So I think we will keep these
for us too

These are from a pattern bought on etsy a year ago
Cannot find the designer name now ..sorry..
I just have the paper templates 

Angels all put together by my own Angel. 
We now have bags and bags of these. 
Some for the fair and lots as gifts. 

Bookmarks, two of many!!!!

Pupster seems a bit more comfortable....... Thank you for all your kind wishes. His ear ache is so uncomfortable and painful and he
is still coming up for cuddles and ear rubs.....  I think I have started something here......I don't usually let him on the furniture......I put a throw on it so he can lay on that.....but last night he had his head on my lap, snoring away and so peaceful, I just couldn't be mean, so not much sewing was done but oh he slept , bless him.

I have die cut new labels now and can do the fair stuff  and box it away ready.  I have made some lavender things and although I quite like the smell my hands stink of the stuff after filling satchets and decorations, just can't seem to wash the smell off!!!

Big Shop yesterday ,to get the essentials in , I started last week and now feel  happy that  we have hopefully the emergency stuff (should bad weather arrive)
   The first aid essentials have all been gone through, checked and old stuff taken to the chemist for
disposal, new stuff acquired , again just in case.....nearest chemist is 7 miles away.  So although it has been a busy week or so I do feel that I am making some progress in the right direction!!!!

I hope too to catch up on some blogging.....a bit behind to say the least.  The photograph glitch put
me back a bit but hopefully I will catch up soon...fingers crossed.

I have put a stitchery on my sewing table for when all the fair sewing is finished , shouldn't be too long .  It will be nice to be  sewing some bits for us . I have also been knitting and doing a bit of crotchet too...more of that next time.

This weekend hoping we can have a relaxing one.
Well until next time

See you soon

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Naughty words !

living here the mobile signal is pitiful.  Despite a boaster thingy, yes I am so technical !!!(NOT) nothing improved so I changed my supplier and if you visited here , yesterday and today ALL my photos had disappeared...   Well I was spitting feathers and cursing but somehow I "found" them and they were re installed to "dotty"  thank goodness.  When I saw what had happened well I could of cried literally with not a clue what to do...but " somehow" I got them back and swore never to meddle again !!!!

I have had such a busy week, pupster with problems with his ears again. He was in such discomfort ,  so painful and laying  , yes at least 37 kilo's of spottyness laying on my lap like a baby..on antibiotics , drops etc and if no better next week he needs to go in for a surgical procedure for swabs, deep cleaning..poor baby.  He may be big , but oh he is my baby , he looks at me with those huge Amber  eyes , rubs his head against my leg and  despite doing regular cleaning  the original problem just has not gone away and he just knows how to tell me he is a very miserable pupster.....Appointments , hiccups, Rayburn, boiler and fire servicing, school reviews and oh it is only Wednesday!!! My dining room looks like squatters have moved in..all the stuff for the fairs in total and utter chaos... Everything to finish off, package and price up....I walk in and do a about turn and out as soon as I can, without tripping over myself and vowing "tomorrow is another day!!!"  I cannot use the annex at the needs new lighting (oh try finding a electrician to do the job!!!) and so my sewing has again returned to the dining room as the light is so poor in the annex.    

The weather here is foul, the lanes everywhere soaking and full of leaves and so slippery with mud and so many leaves.  Today we went to Carmarthen about a hour from here and it took 15 mins extra each way was just  so slippery and the rain ... Oh my did it rain again today...oh it is November after all, despite the rain it seems quite mild  in temperature...

I have been sewing in between everything else and wow I have lots to show next time when hopefully the photo fairy is again on my side.

A few weeks ago I bought these...I could not resist....I'm sure my mother in law is related to most of these!!!' Ha ha ..thank goodness DH is nothing like his mother or these  ......ha ha ha

This one looks like she is sucking a lemon!!!

They are a set of notelets
Oh I am going to have fun posting 
these "lovelies"
to friends

See you soon

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Early fireworks and a bit of Hocus Pocus

This is Llangrannog

One of our very local beaches and villages

These pictures were 
taken a couple of weekends ago
(Obviously would never take pupster to a firework display)

We first visited here on a bright September 
Sunday afternoon back in 2013 
when we "found" our house

We sort of fell in love with this place..

Little Man has named this rock
because he thinks in looks just like
the monster in the movie!

Every year the village puts on a free  firework display.
(Funded by local businesses)

Last year it was absolutely pouring down 
so we didn't go
although there was the odd bit of rain
this year we did.
It was held last Friday , the 30th  October .
The display is free and you must get there early
We parked in the free car park
and slid all over field, 
a free courtesy  bus transports  you to the beach
we got there at 4 and already it was PACKED !!
and I mean packed!

The bonfire had already been constructed

The actual display was amazing
All properly done
All the fireworks were in sand mounds

Loads of volunteers keeping everyone off the beach
and safe
They lite  the bonfire 
and time it so the incoming tide 
extinguishes the flames.

As we have youngsters we left after the display about  7ish
but know lots of people make "a night of it"

Then the next morning we thought we 
would nip back and give pupster a 

Back to normal 

This is all that was left of the bonfire
and this was soon cleared away by
The team of volunteers 
who turn up the next morning to
clear   the rubbish 
and restore the village to 
it's beautifulness again.

I spotted this

On top of the bin furtherest
Away in the picture

Yes , a pair of trousers and trainers!!
With a lovely mosaic in the background

Thankfully no reports of any missing 
Party  goers have been reported thank goodness.
Made me wonder did someone fancy a midnight dip!

I did laugh , thinking of some youngster 
waking up trouser and trainer less
And wondering  "where did I leave them?" 

Hope you have a safe 
firework night

See you soon